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Major Science MP 300V (Cat. No. MP-300V) is a microprocessor-controlled power supply with full control range of designated current and/or voltage. Its maximum voltage output is up to 300 voltage and is designed to meet most electrophoresis needs in a personal, single, easy to use unit. MP 300V power supply is capable of running horizontal & vertical electrophoresis, and two-dimensional electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE applications. In addition, a Timer with alarm function is also equipped in the unit, and so is Pause function. Furthermore, the powerful specifications plus four pairs of terminator could be used for multi electrophoresis units simultaneously. The design of stackability is another feature to save bench top space. MP300V power supply also provides Constant Voltage or Constant Current to instruments used in electrophoresis. 4 pairs of terminator and the much powerful specification equipped enable the maximum capability of MP 300 power supply series compared to other existing similar products on the market.



• Compact size

• Advanced power capacity: 150W, 700mA, 300V

• Microprocessor controller

• Constant voltages and constant currents

• Four pairs of outlet terminator

• Timer with alarm function

• Advanced safety devices

• Stackability

• Wide applications for DNA, RAN and protein electrophoresis

• Better design for refrigerated condition operation



Cat.No. MP-300V
Ouput Voltage/Inc 2-300V / 1V
Ouput Current/Inc 1-700mA / 1mA
Max.Watt 150W
Operating Constants Voltage or Current
Control Microprocessor Controller
Terminator Pairs 4 pairs
Timer 1~999 mins with alarm, continuous
Safety Device No Load detect
Leakage detect
Overload detect
Load change dectect
Over temperature protection
Shrouded plugs and sockets
Crossover Yes
Operating Temperature Ambient-40℃
Unit Dimension W190 x L275 x H95mm
Construction ABS faceplate and aluminum
Weight 2.5kg
Rated Voltages 100-240V
Stackability Yes


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MP-300V MS 300V Power Supply



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